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Reclaim Your Life After Breast Cancer

12 Week Program to Reclaim, Rebuild, Rejoice Your Path Beyond Breast Cancer

Service Description

Reclaim Your Life After Breast Cancer is a 12-week program designed to support and empower women who have battled breast cancer. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I bring my personal experience and deep understanding to the journey of recovery and self-discovery. Here's a summary of what the program entails: Week 1-3: Understanding and Managing Emotions Week 1: Introduction to the journey post-cancer. Sharing personal experiences and setting the stage for emotional healing. Week 2: Identifying and addressing the common emotional challenges and worries that arise after treatment. Week 3: Strategies for coping with anxiety and fear related to cancer and its aftermath. Week 4-6: Physical and Mental Rebuilding Week 4: Discussing the physical changes and challenges post-treatment, and how to adapt to them. Week 5: Exploring the impact of breast cancer on mental health. Techniques to strengthen mental resilience. Week 6: Tools and practices for shifting mindset and beliefs about physical and emotional wellbeing. Week 7-9: Self-Care and Body Positivity Week 7: The importance of self-care in recovery. Practical tips for nurturing the body and soul. Week 8: Embracing body positivity and self-love. Overcoming body image issues post-cancer. Week 9: Customizing self-care routines that work for individual needs and lifestyles. Week 10-12: Creating a New Life Vision Week 10: Reflecting on life before and after cancer. Understanding and accepting the changes. Week 11: Turning the cancer journey into a source of perspective, purpose, and passion. Week 12: Planning for the future - setting goals and creating a vision for life post-cancer. This program is not just about coping with the aftermath of breast cancer; it's about transforming this challenging experience into a source of strength, empowering women to live their lives with renewed purpose, joy and balance. By Booking below, you are only committing to the FREE Breakthrough Session. No obligation other than 60 minutes of your intentional time to lean into you. Again, it's complimentary.

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Pleasant Hill, IA, USA

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