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Get to Know Jen

I am thrilled you're here and you may be wondering "why choose Jen as your Wellbeing Coach?"  


As you'll read in My Story below, my life has been immersed in adversity.  I've experienced life's harshest curveballs. These experiences have not only shaped me but have become the driving force behind my life.

But it's not just about what I've been through; it's about what I've become. I've harnessed my experiences, resilience, and discipline to inspire and guide others to overcome their challenges. It took facing these health challenges and losing my career for me to realize that I wasn't a top priority in my own life, especially when it came to my physical and emotional health. It was a wake-up call that transformed my approach to well-being, and now I'm committed to helping you prioritize yourself and navigate life's hurdles. Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilled life starts here!


My Story

My journey has been filled with adversity and I have emerged as a resilient advocate for support. Life has thrown me numerous challenges, from battling breast cancer twice, enduring three open-heart surgeries, navigating a contentious divorce and its financial aftermath, to facing unexpected downsizing after a 25-year career. Each hurdle has deepened my understanding of overcoming obstacles and the value of resilience.

At 36, I confronted breast cancer, a terrifying diagnosis as a mother. The love for my children, family and life fueled my determination to fight, leading to a victorious battle. At 50, cancer returned, presenting a new challenge. Three open-heart surgeries have also marked my life, each with its unique trials and triumphs.

Divorce brought emotional turmoil, but it also sparked self-discovery. Financial difficulties added stress, prompting me to reevaluate my priorities. Career downsizing, initially disheartening, became a catalyst for personal growth.  I also turned my adoration of photography into a business, helping clients capture their memories.

My journey extends beyond challenges; I've set audacious physical goals, from twice walking 60 miles in 3 days to running a half marathon and biking 100 miles in a single day. These experiences pushed my limits and strengthened my resolve.


My greatest adventure is now helping others as a Wellbeing Coach. I've learned that success hinges on prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional health. Guiding individuals toward their goals and inspiring them to value their well-being is immensely fulfilling.

My life testifies to the rewards of determination and conquering big goals. I turn obstacles into purpose using my challenges to support others facing similar struggles, while maintaining perspective on what is truly important in this limited time we have.

In everything I do, I also prioritize fun as a necessity for wellbeing. With my unique coaching process, passion for life, and experiences, I'm here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve balance and joy.

I can't wait to witness the incredible life you can have

with JOY and BALANCE!  Let’s discuss how we can get you there.

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