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Time's Up Part 2: Reclaim Your Friendships

Time's Up for Loneliness: Reclaim Your Friendships Before it's Too Late!

Welcome back to part 2 of the week-long blog series, where we are focusing on the urgency of time as it relates to our relationships. The urgency to make the most of our connections and stop wasting precious time is extremely important. This series will open your eyes to time passing us by and how to reduce loneliness and lost memores and regret. If you missed part 1, you can view it at

Today, we are going to delve into friendship.

We all know the feeling: that pang of longing for connection, the echo of laughter from college dorms that fades as adulthood takes hold. The truth is, the "friendship curve" is real. Time spent with friends plummets after 18, leaving us yearning for that deep connection that nourishes our souls.

But here's the good news: this isn't an inevitable decline! We can rewrite the script, reclaim the joy of friendship, and build a life rich with companionship, no matter where life's journey takes us. This is your wake-up call, your urgent reminder to prioritize connection before time runs out! First, let's understand how life stages can impact our connection with friends.

Cast your mind back to your younger days. Remember the infectious laughter echoing through dorm rooms, the shared meals that stretched into the night, the late-night debates fueled by caffeine and dreams? Those vibrant connections were the cornerstone of your social life. But then, like leaves swept away by an autumn wind, things began to change.

Career: The siren song of professional success beckoned, demanding long hours and unwavering focus. Colleagues became companions of convenience, but true friendships often took a backseat. Missed weddings, forgotten birthdays, and canceled catch-ups became the norm, widening the gap between you and your once-close circle. The laughter faded, replaced by the quiet hum of ambition and the ache of disconnection.

Marriage and Children: A new kind of love blossomed, demanding your energy and attention. Playdates replaced nights out, and bedtime stories filled the space once occupied by carefree laughter. While families brought immense joy, friendships sometimes withered, their needs neglected amidst the whirlwind of diaper changes and school runs. The shared experiences that once bound you drifted into the past, replaced by the joys and challenges of raising a family.

Empty Nesters: The nest is empty, but a hollowness can linger. Reconnecting with old friends reveals the passage of time. Some bonds have weathered the storms of life, while others have faded like photographs left in the sun. The dynamics have changed, and there's a bittersweet pang of nostalgia for the carefree laughter of your youth. The silence of the empty nest can be deafening, a stark contrast to the vibrant social life you once knew.

Retirement: Free time abounds, but the well of connection may feel depleted. The friends you knew in your younger years might be facing health challenges or even gone. The loss of loved ones can leave a gaping hole in your social fabric, and loneliness can creep in, a shadow cast by the absence of familiar laughter and shared experiences.

Some bonds have weathered the storms, while others have drifted away. Loneliness can creep in, a stark contrast to the carefree connections of our youth.

But wait! There's hope! The study reveals a silver lining: the quality of our friendships can deepen as the quantity declines. We learn to cherish those who stand by us through thick and thin, investing in meaningful connections that truly matter. But it takes the 2-Ps to foster this relationship through the obstacles of time and life changes. Pattern & Prioritization are the 2-Ps.

Here's your action plan, your Friendship Survival Guide:

  • Embrace the "Friendship Pattern": Find common ground! Join a club, volunteer, take a class – anything that connects you with people who share your passions. These shared experiences become the foundation for lasting bonds.

  • Prioritize Connection: Don't leave friendships to chance! Schedule regular catch-ups, even if it's just a virtual coffee date. Be intentional about staying connected, even when life gets crazy.

  • Seek New Adventures: Explore! Step o

  • utside your comfort zone and meet new people. Remember, new friendships can blossom at any stage of life.

  • Cherish Your "Darkest Hour Friends": Identify those who stood by you in tough times. Reach out, express your gratitude. Their presence is a gift to be treasured.

  • Invest in Quality Time: Share hobbies, engage in deep conversations, and be truly present when you're with friends. It's about quality, not quantity.

  • Communities: Look at communities where you can have connection on a regular basis. Dive into lifelong learning at a retirement center's lecture series, sweat it out with like-minded individuals at a fitness class, or connect with passionate peers through a local book club. Let these diverse communities become your springboard to regular connection and enriching experiences.

Remember: Friendships are like gardens. They need tending, watering, and sunlight to flourish. Don't let time, distance, or life stages become excuses for disconnection. A tip I offer is to schedule time together with your friend. At the end of dinner with my friends, we pull out our calendars together and plan the next gathering. You know how it are leaving dinner and you say "we have to do this again soon." Then life happens and it's not in the forefront of our minds and schedules. So, by scheduling time together on a regular basis, it's not going to pass by with the wind of change and life.

Take action today! Call a friend, join a group, schedule a reunion. It's never too late to rebuild connections. Embrace technology to stay in touch with faraway friends. Own your "friendship curve" and make connection a priority.

Life's second act can be filled with the joy of companionship. It's time to rewrite the script, reclaim the laughter, and build a life rich with genuine connection. Don't wait – the time to reconnect is now!

Remember, you are not alone on this journey. Let's create a world where friendship thrives at every stage of life. Together, we can climb above the "friendship curve" and build a future filled with connection and belonging.

Get ready to dive into the time we spend with our partners! My next blog in the series explores the importance of time spent with partners and how to make the most of it.

If you are stuck in your relationship with time and connection with others and you'd like to chat more how to maximize this precious resource, I'm here for you. Visit to schedule your first breakthrough session...FREE!

If you are looking for a community to keep you uplifted, inspired and supported as you find and appreciate the wealth in your life, join Joyful Balance Circle. It's a Facebook group with over 800 like-minded women ready to lift you up.

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