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Are you navigating the same routine every day, feeling trapped in aspects of your life that no longer serve you? Whether it’s your health, relationships, career, or personal wellbeing, it's easy to feel stuck. If unhelpful habits are holding you back, know that it's possible to take control, to transform your life into one that's empowered and fulfilling. You might be seeking a renewed sense of purpose, especially during different stages of life that leave you longing for more meaningful connections to your health and wellbeing.

I understand these challenges intimately because I've lived them. I've faced numerous obstacles in my quest for a healthier, more balanced life.  My largest challenge that I faced (twice) was breast cancer.  Each time I confronted a "why me?" moment, I transformed it into an opportunity for renewed purpose, passion, and perspective. These experiences didn't just change me; they fueled my desire to help others like you.

At Joyful Balance Wellbeing, you'll be guided toward your deepest desires, dreams, and goals. Here, you'll find unwavering support, a personalized approach that resonates with your unique needs, and the accountability to keep you steadfast on your journey. We'll explore practical tools and skills essential for your wellbeing, ensuring these lessons create a lasting, positive impact and leave you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated.

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We love growing, making connection and sharing insights and new perspective!

I’m appreciative to Jen for holding a flashlight on my path to guide me to a healthier, more balanced way of living through her coaching. For the first time that I can remember, I have change and I have not quit on myself. I’ve tried a number of other weight loss and inner-peace programs, and nothing ever stuck.  I completely buy into this program and I own my success and failure now. I can say that I truly don’t want to give up on me again! 

Trish C.

What My Clients Are Saying:

Coaching vs Therapists: 
Finding the Support You Need


Stuck in a rut? Ready to unleash your full potential and conquer life's challenges? You might be considering both therapy and coaching, but don't let the options overwhelm you. While therapists offer valuable support for deeply rooted emotional issues, a coach can be the secret weapon you need to propel yourself forward.

Think of a coach as your personal cheerleader and accountability partner. They're not here to delve into past trauma or diagnose mental illness, but to ignite your inner fire and help you achieve specific goals in your life, career, or relationships.

Here's how a coach can be your key to unlocking success:

  • Laser focus on your desired outcomes: Set SMART goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop actionable plans to get you where you want to be. No more feeling lost or unsure of your next steps.

  • Boost your confidence and motivation: Get the encouragement and support you need to push past your comfort zone and achieve what once seemed impossible. Celebrate victories big and small, and watch your self-belief soar.

  • Sharpen your skills and optimize performance: Whether it's mastering communication in your relationships or crushing your career goals, a coach will equip you with the tools and strategies to excel.

  • Gain clarity and direction: Unsure of your life's purpose? A coach can help you identify your passions, discover hidden talents, and chart a course towards a fulfilling future. 


Therapy is a valuable resource for healing past wounds, but when it comes to proactive growth, goal achievement, and unlocking your full potential, coaching is the game-changer you've been searching for.

Remember: You deserve to thrive, not just survive. As a coach, I will empower you, celebrate your victories, and hold you accountable for reaching your dreams.

Don't wait for life to happen to you – take charge and design the life you deserve with a dedicated, empowered coach by your side!

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I understand that creating meaningful change is a journey unique to each individual, and it's not always a straight path. Recognizing this, we've designed our services with flexibility and empathy at their core.  It always starts with your FREE Breakthrough Session.  When you book any of these services, the first appointment is your Breakthrough Session, no other obligation than 60 minutes of your intentional time.

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